Terry Pickett- drums and vocals

I was born in Kennett Missouri in 1954 - we moved to Flint when I was only two so this has been home to me. I have a wonderful family and a pretty nice life. I guest my influences would have to be divided Into two categories - life and music.

I guest my main musical influence would be my uncle, Wallace Hyde I saw his love for music and watched as he wrote, recorded, and performed throughout southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas. More of an older brother than an uncle, he never went "big time" with his musical career. But the drive and love of music was there till he died. My "musical dream" finally came true a couple times when he and I got to perform together on the same stages. My second musical influence would be a "good old boy" from Arkansas named Perry McKenzie. Perry taught me my first guitar chords, and we spent many an hours and drank many a drink playing and singing.

Iíve played with many bands over the years in the Flint area - too many to name. The band I wound up with and had a home with, for many years, introduced me to my next musical influence, Debbie Lee.

Through her love of music, her love of people, and her love and friendship to me I became a better musician. After fifteen years with Debbie Lee and Snake River Band I got a ďrealĒ job and was out of music for about 10 years. Itís great to be back playing again. My life influences are just two people: my beautiful wife Terry and, again, Debbie Lee. My wife Terry has stood by my side through all the good times and bad, money and no money, drunk or sober, She helped me conquer my battle with alcohol and has been my best friend and partner for 26 years. There is no way I could have made it without her. Then Debbie Lee, who has seen me drunk, sober, lost, happy and sad - if I needed a friend to talk to or just to listen she has always been there....

And Iíve learned through her that not just music, but life, can be pretty dang cool when youíre sober.

Thank you Debbie Lee. I love you.