Scott Forest - guitar and vocals

I was born on February, 13th 1967 In Lapeer County Hospital, Lapeer Michigan, when I was 3 years old I had a bone disease that did not allow me to play any sports so I became interested in music. My mom said why not takes guitar lessons, so I got my first guitar from my cousin Larry It was a Gibson deluxe. And I started playing guitar at age 7. I took guitar lessons from Jim Schroeder for about 1 year. Then Jim moved up north I found someone at wthm radio station to teach me. That did not last long because the teacher wanted me to learn folk and read music and I was not in to that. So I just taught my self. When I was 16 I got my drivers license and I discovered girls I quit playing all together and I did not start playing again till I was 25. I used to set in with Hershel and the Southern Accent Band I did this off and on for about 2 years at the boat bar in Ortonville Mi. Then I joined the Eclipse band I worked with them for 6 months and after that I moved around from band to band, just filling in all over. Looking for that special band I could call home. I went on to form my own band called Southbound Express We played at Al and Donnaís for 6 months then moved on To Palace Gardens playing 6 nights a week for a year. The musicians I worked with were John Howard, John Elder Jr and Donnie Jones. It was then that I started playing lead guitar. Someone in the band got a big head and that caused the band to break up. I went on to work with my friends Tony and Cathy Pampa at the Hide Away Lounge for 6 months. Also I worked with Joe Lee and Jerry Elliot at the Hide Away. After I left the Hide Away Lounge, I met the person who would change my career and become one of my biggest influences in music. I became friends with Frank Walker and I would have quit music if not for him. We have become more than friends we have become family. I never miss an opportunity to steel one of Frankís licks because he knows all the best ones. Frank and I have never been in a band together Itís my only regret, but I had the pleasure to fill in with him many times I hope sometime later down the road to work with Frank Although Iím very happy with the band Iím with now And I donít foresee ever leavening them.

On December 19, of 2003, Debbie Lee called and asked me to fill in with her; it was not long till I became a permanent member of Debbie Lee and THE KRUIZERS. We have gone on to play for the Shiners and Muscular Dystrophy Association, Mentally Challenged Adults and many other childrenís originations Also many clubs and bars in the tri county area. Up until I joined the KRUIZERS I had always played country music I thought that is what I would always play. Then the first night I played with Debbie lee and the KRUIZERS. 5 minutes before I went on stage Debbie dropped a bomb on me. I will never forget what she told me, she said ďScott I think I should tell you we donít play Country music anymore we do oldies and old rock and roll nowĒ. Iím sure this was the only night I was ever nervous about playing music. For me playing music is my way of getting away from the stress of every day life. When Iím on stage Iím relaxed and I enjoy the music. Also when Iím on stage I can be me, play my music, and do what most other people only wish they could do. I donít have to worry about any one or anything. I play music for my own enjoyment and if everyone else enjoys it then itís a bonus. Working with the KRUIZERS, Debbie Lee, Ron Perry man, And Rob St. James, has really been a breath of fresh air .all the members of the band are accomplished musicians. It was almost like a miracle, and I believe fate had a hand in it. Everyone just clicked and the music just flowed. I knew I was meant to play music with them. It was one of the best days ever in my musical career the day I joined the KRUIZERS, and I hope to be with them for a long long time. We have all became special friends, a family. A special thanks to my mother for getting me started many years ago and to Frank Walker the best friend any one could ask for. Hershel and Southern Accent Band for getting me started in bands And Debbie Lee and the KRUIZERS for asking me to join the band and helping me to find that special home with them. I hope you have enjoyed reading my story